Hands-on information security

Established by seasoned information security experts, Monti develops and provides new ways to ensure information security. Monti was set up to meet an identified need. The business information security services on offer mostly focus on identifying deficiencies and not on correcting them. Monti’s services fill this market gap with a hands-on approach.

Monti's values

Open and honest

Our clients are not tied to us. Our clients own the results of our work and the background materials used, which enables them to end the partnership when the time is right. Monti is owned by its employees providing the expert services, and all employees are offered the opportunity to become shareholders. Our internal pay system is transparent and all employees have access to Monti’s financial information and board meeting minutes.

Socially responsible expertise

Monti has precise and concrete limits to workloads, which benefits our clients as well as our employees. Our clients can trust that we respect their time and only contact them during common office hours. At Monti, all communication, internal and external, happens between 7 am and 7 pm. We encourage our employees to lead active and healthy lives and regularly get active together.


Monti strives for environmental sustainability. We have already taken our first steps toward becoming carbon negative. However, this is only the start. We aim to systematically monitor and reduce our emissions – this applies to our customer projects as well.

Monti’s name comes from the genus of corals called Montipora that have inhabited the oceans for hundreds of millions of years. Just like colonies of corals help build reefs, Monti helps its clients to build information security. Monti helps in creating and maintaining a safe business environment – one that enables our clients to focus on succeeding.

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